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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Updated: May 9, 2020

No means no. Consent isn't a joke. Silence doesn't mean yes.

During this pandemic with all of the movement restrictions, domestic violence hasn't just become more frequent, it has also become more dangerous. If you don't believe me.. look up the statistics for yourself. Yes, reports of domestic violence have gone down, but even police agree that that is a sign of a deeper problem. Victims have had a harder time seeking help during social distancing and lock down orders. Our hearts go out to all of the women who are trapped in this darkness. If there is something to report, please report it. If you personally aren't going through this or don't know anyone who is... please educate yourself. When people are educated it really does help tremendously, because the more the public is educated the more people can spot the signs.

Of course, domestic violence isn't the only force of sexual assault. What I've noticed is that people who have never experienced sexual assault don't realize the implications and the ripple effects it can have on just one persons life. Educate yourself.

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