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Being a student activist is hard enough even when you have a support system and peers alongside you. You can feel lost, unmotivated, confused and these feelings are completely valid. Finding a place to start is probably the most difficult part. Thankfully, the internet has made resources very easy for you to find and once you climb this hurdle, now you’ve got a ton more that are worth the struggle.

I have only recently become very active in my community and with organizations as an activist myself, so I am no poster child of how to advocate. We all learn along the way and that’s the beauty of it. My biggest tip to teenagers trying to become involved is reach out to people around you. I can guarantee there’s someone you know who is involved somehow. These people are the best to surround yourself with and that is what I have found. Having friends who are also advocates for social justice means I have a system to ask questions, volunteer alongside, and hold me accountable. This support system is also there to keep you going when it inevitably gets hard.

I have struggled with people close to me who aren’t necessarily supportive of me being so vocal about my beliefs. Having people that I could vent to about this struggle makes this so much easier. I’ve had to realize that some people will be ignorant to new education and you are not responsible for that. At the end of the day, you’re never going to have everyone ‘on your side’ and that’s okay. As long as you continue using your voice and not letting others dull you, you’re doing your best. This is something I have to remind myself of but I have to continue to use my privilege to amplify the movement.

-Hannah Passwaters

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