Mission Statement

The Movement Troupe is a community outreach organization dedicated to supporting and bettering the community when it comes to social issues such as bullying, the stigma around mental illness, and sexual assault through all mediums of art, but more actively through performance art. 

Values and Principles

We hope to open up a dialogue about different social issues and encourage people to be more open-minded. Granting artists a platform to positively reach out to the community is one of our core values as well. We also hope to support other organizations with similar values and objectives that inspire us.


Founding the Troupe

Ava Bates is a nineteen-year-old college student who has an innate passion for theatre. Having been active in the performing arts community since she was nine, she boasts an impressive theatre resume including both creative and acting credits. During her experience as a young actress, she witnessed first-hand the impact that the arts can have on people. She then began to notice that people who have experienced pain seem to be drawn to the arts. As she got older, she realized that the magical thing about the arts is that it provides an unspoken connection between both the artist and their audience. The subsequent idea to use this connection to give back to the community and expand people's world view was the foundation of what the Movement Troupe would become.

The brand new Movement Troupe began as a small community theatre program that planned on producing a single show. They ended up partnering with the What It's Like Project to perform a revue consisting of songs and monologues pertaining to the non-profit's core mission in July 2019. That show's success and the genuine connection to the community that it exhibited has been what's kept inspiring Ava to continue pursuing her vision with the Movement Troupe at her side.

Ava Bates, Founder

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