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Supporting and bettering the community through theatre and art.

Our Mission & Core Values

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We are a community outreach program that uses the arts to raise awareness for social issues and raise money for organizations that are actively doing the same. 

The Move To Austin TX

Since 2019, We have taken a small break through the COVID-19 pandemic to work on our next big projects. We are now in collaboration with ColourVille Productions, run by Rod Sanchez. We are working with Rod Sanchez to create original activism based pieces to present to the public THIS UPCOMING YEAR.





The Movement Troupe X ColourVille Productions 

Confession, an original play written by Rod Sanchez. 

In a world where the police have been defunded, Officer Norman has clocked out for the very last time. At a bus stop, he has a chance encounter with a young activist named Brooke. Throughout the show, Norman's philosophies are challenged as Brooke enlightens him with his fresh perspective.

The Search For Troupe Members

We are constantly in search of board members to help run the troupe. Troupe members help us make important decisions and help us stay active in the community as much as possible,

If you are interested in a position on the troupe, please contact us!

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